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The approach to this device was inspired by the story of The Lorax (by Dr. Suess). The same way the Lorax is the guardian of the forest, looking over the trees, these garden fairies are small accessories that could be placed near your plant to look over and care for it. They bring magic into your house with their lights and tunes. Unlike plant-monitoring pots, these creatures are small and, along with their light, can be moved around to other plants very easily. They create a mystical and fun atmosphere around your plant and can act as ornaments too!

The approach uses two fairies. The first fairy sits by your plant, leaning back on its stem. Its wings are embedded with flex sensors that are able to detect when your plant begins to wilt. The second fairy hangs out by the magical light, looking down at the plant, making sure that it is getting enough light. This fairy has a photoresistor in its hat that can measure the brightness around your plant.

If you believe (and I mean really believe), these garden fairies will turn your home into a magical forest of mystical creatures    

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