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I started off this project with a photoresistor and flex sensor to record light and water levels through wilting. I set up my circuit and code to record sensor inputs from both the photoresistor and flex sensor and convert them into outputs measured through LED lights. I then attached a piezo buzzer to create a sound output for when the photoresistor reaches a low (dark) value. In order to link the flex sensor to an alert system, I created an applet in IFTTT that linked Particle to Slack. Whenever the flex sensor reaches a dangerously low value, it sends an alert to Slack.

While setting up the piezo buzzer, I struggled to make it only buzz once whenever the brightness changed rather than continuously. I eventually was able to do this using Boolean values that I attached to my if statements.

After I set up my circuit and code, I decided to incorporate the time of day into my code. I initially struggled with this because the Particle website doesn’t indicate how to call the ‘Time’ function. I was able to find a code with the help of Particle community conversations, which allowed me to use Time. --> #include "application.h" 

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