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This device is to prevent the plant from overheating from the sun. It uses a fan to cool down and remind the users that the plant will be subjected to severe heat. 


The device involves a DC motor, a servo, a relay switch, and a photoresistor. The servo is mapped according to the photoresistor readings. When the reading goes over a certain level, the relay switch is triggered, which turns on the motor with the fan. 


The first design did not involve servo and relay switch. The motor was mounted to digital ports so that the "HIGH" signal should turn it on. However, I found out that the voltage of digital ports is not enough to power the motor, which has a minimal working voltage of 3V. It has to be mounted to 3.3V output. After evaluating what resources and parts I have, I decided to use a servo to activate a relay switch, which connects the motor to the power source. 

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