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· I read all of the IOT class readings to understand the big picture of designing for IOT.

· I went to the comic book store and bought the “Swamp Thing” to see how the world of fantasy discusses the world of enchanted plants

· I wrote the 200 word “Autobiography of a Flower Pot” to get a sense of all the stakeholder objects in a flower pot’s story. Here’s an excerpt

“My name is Chenhua. I am from bejing china. I have many brothers and sisters. When I was young, I rode a ship to America and started my life here in pittsburgh. I was raised by an American family. I owned many plants as pets and loved them all dearly....”

  • · I concept sketched 5 ideas inspired by “Enchanted Objects” and “Breakaway”
  • · I decided that I wanted to express the symbol of a plant rather than the real thing
  • · I narrowed it down to my favorite concept - “Roots: New Habits Taking Root”
  • · I went and bought clay, paint, and supplies
  • · I tested the electric components (one component at a time) and started coding

  • · With one day left in the project, I re-read the project requirements and realized my concept didn’t meet the rubric needs.
  • o I had to radically pivot to include practical features
  • o I pivoted to include both a living plant and the conceptual visualization of a plant
  • · My new concept would include the visualization of roots but include sensors for watering and light.
  • · I ran final code tests on my works-like prototype

  • · I created the first form (shape look) of the piece
  • · I sketched the circuit diagram and completed the final report

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