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My biggest surprise was the conceptualizing I was doing (which leaned towards art objects) did not fit the project rubric.

Building the circuit and code was simple because I have some prior experience in them.

I feel, because the devices are so simple to prototype, that the project needs to start with a good idea. Even if that good idea takes 90% of the project window to generate.

The last minute pivot I had to do really diluted the original vision I had for the project. I would want to take more time to revisit the concept under the constraints as I understand them now.

I would refocus my design process for a specific person in a specific context with a specific problem. My idea lacks precision of good conceptual design.

I wanted to 3D Print a small plastic watering can and set it on top of the “I watered you” button. The button was too sensitive to set anything on top of it. I can switch to a galvanized nail capacitor so you don’t have to press a button. 

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