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In this project, I learned something about risk control. In the first few days, I tried to use the PIR motion sensor as my main component. It turned out not very good with many problems but I stuck with it for a long time. I didn't have plan B for this case. So I changed my design at the very last minute because it still didn't work. Before the project starts, I should have an estimate of my ability and project expectations, and then adopt the appropriate strategy. In addition, it is good to try something new, just be prepared to prepare an alternative plan and be careful about time management.

Another takeaway from other classmates' projects is that you can come up with a really good design idea even if you use a really simple circuit. Actually I should spend more time on the idea, not the sensor itself. I can actually achieve the same goal with different sensors. 

At last, I think I should learn some basic C++ language ...

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