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My mom has her own green room in her house. Every morning, she communicated with her flowers and pants. She waters, nourishes, and loves them. When weather gets hot, she opens entire greenroom window in order to let outdoor air flow through the green house, changes soil to increase nutrient resource, and cover them with blanket or paper cloths during the winter. Typically, she spends a good amount of time in late fall to be prepared for coming winter. Before weather gets cold and winter hits Korea peninsula, she adds insulations along with the green house walls, checks heater and thermometer. Thanks to her hard work, I was able to enjoy all kinds of seasonal blossoms and colorful leaves until I left my parent’s house.

I designed BUNDLE ME to provide a similar condition to my baby schefflera. I wish I am as capable as my mom to provide a good condition to my only one plant at home, but my busy work and study schedule become obstacles to give adequate love and attention to my only one plant. I wanted to build the system that is reliable enchanting, and ambient.  

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