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1. Defined needs: Temperature is one of the most important environmental signals for plants. High and low temperatures have a variety of effects that affect plant growth and development profoundly. Further, temperature is an indication of seasonal change. Plants must survive under severe conditions in winter and prepare to resume growth and reach their reproductive stage in the following spring.

2. Enchant: My major goal for this project was not to bother end users. The product should sit quietly when they do not need attention but send adequate alarms when they really have to or need to. The ambient temperature detector adapts the indoor temperature changes quietly and report.

3. Ambient: The device should change the behavior of owners to take care of plants with affection. The UI, especially message, experience should be naturally encouraging users to do their job instead of bothering or interrupting users’ daily tasks.

4. Low power consumption: Simple method applies here. If I forget to move the plant to bundle up or increase or decrease room temperature, probably, I will forget to change the battery. I removed all unnecessary sensor and build

5. Since I am new to coding and IoT world, the coding and circuitry should be easy to develop, deploy and monitor.  

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