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Viha never wants to be out of milk

Unfortunately, even when Viha does go grocery shopping, she often realizes that she forgot to buy milk only after coming back from the grocery store.

When visiting her home, we discovered that one of her favorite objects is her collection of fridge magnets. Her fridge magnets hold up important information and papers with sentimental value for her. We thought communicating how much milk is left could be a useful capability for a fridge magnet, as it lives in a very visible place at home. We also chose to create a fridge magnet because we want to add to her collection, instead of introducing an item that may feel unfamiliar to her.

Our goal: Functionally, we want to create a device that can proactively remind Viha when her milk is running low, so she will remember to buy milk. Visually, the device should look like it is part of her home environment, and not like a foreign object. 

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