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An ambient device that connects partners over distances with a shared goal of staying fit. The device displays fitness information in an ambient format, that not only motivates people, but also provides a sense of connection between partners by allowing them to keep a check on each others' fitness progress side by side, hence, allowing them to work together towards achieving goal. This kind of display also offers a sense of competition or gamification, that is helpful in persuading people to stay motivated.

The device is connected to a health-monitoring device e.g. Fitbit, and retrieves fitness data from there. It then translates the data into mechanical movement and displays the change in a physical way. When data shows lack of exercise, the belly of the corresponding avatar will grow larger, imitating real people and also eliciting concern about health.

The device is a two side-by-side avatars on a magnet that can be placed anywhere around the home (fridge, bedside, etc.).

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