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What informed the idea?

The inspiration of the project came from our stakeholder, to connect people over distances. One of the products that inspired us was the lamp that gives a sense of connection amongst people who stay far from each other. The idea further extended to creating a common goal (in our case, staying fit), that adds more value to the product. 


Think about how reluctant you are to go to gym after a long day's work. Tired, huh? Why not just sneak home, lie on the couch, drink some hot chocolate, and better off with marshmallows and BBQ-flavored chips? But no, you glance up and see 'Buddy', the avatar that represents yours and your partner's fitness.

You've been sitting at your desk for most of the day. Your Fitbit has not achieved beyond 1,000 steps. Your Buddy's tummy, consequently, looms up quite significantly. Oh-no! You silently moan. That would be me in like a month!

What's more, your best friend Alex's avatar is asiding yours. He looks fit! You know he swims at the pool his company provides every day just before dinner. What's more, your Buddy's head just glowed red. Ugggh! He must be making fun of your big belly!

You gather your gym clothes and head down to the gym.

Relation to other work

There is no similar product offered within the current market related to building common goals and presenting that information in an ambient way but the idea of connecting people has been taken a step further by this product.

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