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This is for Betty.

Our specific user is Betty who is a Public Policy Innovation and Data Science graduate student at CMU. An avid reader, Betty believes that all the objects in her house serves a practical purpose. During the interview process, we observed the following:

  • She likes to collect risograph prints designed by her friend since they are the reminder of memories.
  • She sticks them on refrigerator, keeps it on bookshelf or window sill. 

We found this particularly intriguing since these objects create a sense of emotional attachment to the user. Initially in the co-design process, we developed an idea to create remembrance magnets : A pair of magnets (for her and her friend) displaying the risograph prints that could be attached to the objects around her house and will light up every time her friend touches the magnet, reminding her of her presence in the house.

Later on the idea was refined by adding the concept of shared goal as explained but the initial takeaway from the interview was to connect people.

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