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Iteration and Refinement

During our initial prototype review, we received both positive and critical feedback. Following are some of the points we addressed in the final prototype:

  • Feedback of message received by the partner

When the message is sent by partner A to partner B, the heart(LED) will light up on the magnets of both the partner, which will indicate that the message has been sent and received.

  • Too noisy

In real situations, the servo motor will only turn gradually and after long intervals, that is when the user is not exercising. It will not generate as much noise as the testing phase.

  • Fitness Context

In order to fit the dolls in the context of fitness, our magnet board is designed with the exercising icons (dumble bells, running shoes, etc.)that represent the workout environment.

  • How to deal with the negative feedback

We justified this issue with respect to our design audience- The design is particularly for people who are fitness freaks and for life partners / best friends who share exercise as a common goal. We expect that these user groups will be motivated instead of frustrated with the display.

  • FSR positioning

The fsr was previously planned to be placed on the tummy. However, this may not seem obvious to the users, and will bring pressure to the cam wheel, requiring more engineering. We have decided to integrate this with the fitness context (stickers on the magnet board) that allow users to press and send messages to the partners to motivate them to exercise.

  • Real time data tracking

This can be resolved through IFTTT applications with a fitbit. The devices can retrieve accumulated number of steps for the day every fixed interval and update the physical status constantly.

  • Location: Just at home or can be carried with the user

For the stakeholder we are designing specifically for, we want the dolls to be stuck on a magnet board on the fridge where she keeps her memorable pictures of her best friend. Carriable dolls may be designed for the more general audience, but not for this case. 

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