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We worked on a lot of mechanical engineering and soft textile in this project. We recognize that the fitness buddies are very personal, but this form is the best we reached at this stage. 

Next step, we would like to bring more customization to the fitness buddies. 

  • Hair style, hair color, Expression and clothing. This would involve the physical appearance of the dolls, which may be quite easily changed during the manufacturing process once pre-determined. This will require more user research beforehand in order to tailor each doll to-context. 
  • Exercise context. Users may do different exercises to keep fit. This will involve different stickers on the magnet board to represent the context, and also integrated different data sources to derive the amount of exercise each day. Currently only fitbit data is allowed.
  • Expand context. Users may want to carry their dolls with them or place them on their office desks. Different holding, stands, or context-enabler should be created for such situations.

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