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Faizan is a 30-year-old MBA student studying in Pittsburgh, but his girlfriend is based in Chicago. We interviewed Faizan to discover the pain points he may have given his situation. In the interview process, Faizan was able to offer us a detailed context of his living space. His living space in Pittsburgh is somewhat gloomy and he misses the comfort of coming home to his loved one. Although he communicates with his girlfriend quite often, the absence of her presence makes Faizan feels isolated. He truly hopes his living space can be "augmented" in some way so that he feels connected to his girlfriend even when they are miles away from each other. Given Faizan's personal condition, we have designed an augmented blanket for his bedroom, where he spends most of his time, to establish a sense of connection between him and his girlfriend. As such, the device is aimed to create positive and comforting environment for Faizan at his home.

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