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Our major improvement in this project would be data storage and share. We initially designed the product want our friend to store her memorable quote in the cloud system and erase the data if she wants to update it with new quotes. However, we found the opportunity that the user would feel more connected and attached to the bookcase if they can keep all their memory in the server.  The improved design scenario is attached below.  

Also, we found that similar technology can be adopted by the public library to promote citizens to read more books. One of the visitors to our booth shared his idea of how he would better interact with library bookshelves if the bookshelves speak about books at the library.  

Also improving the sensor parts is a key factor we are considering improving for future development. As our friend Sarah wanted to take and put back books without landing the books on designated spots.  We will explore sensor options to iterate. 

We also want to improve LED screens to be more of an enchant and ambient like "mui: 'Calm' Interface Device Made of Natural Wood".  Please see the attached reference picture below. 

A commercializing bookcase by partnering with book publishers can be an option. Our bookcase can store famous Harry Porter Series or The Hardy Boys Series as gift options for children.  

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