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Visiting Viha to gather feedback & Iterating Milk box

We learned that Viha frequently buys 1 gallon of milk, but sometimes there are times when she has to settle for smaller volumes if the gallon milk runs out at the grocery store. This made us realize that we need to calibrate the scale to address low, medium, and high volume for each of the carton size she could buy. The 2nd feedback was she always places her milk on the bottom shelf. The wiring between the fridge magnet and load sensor stretched across the fridge shelves, making it inconvenient for her to reach items. In our next iteration, we will try to make the load sensor wireless. Lastly, Viha doubted whether the load sensor is sturdy enough to sustain the weight of a gallon’s milk. From a function perspective, the load sensor works well with a gallon, but we might make it look wider visually to help Viha feel at ease.

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