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Who is your stakeholder? What did you learn when you interviewed them? How did the co-design process help you uncover an interesting avenue for your bespoke device? 

Our user is a Masters' student at Carnegie Mellon University who is really busy with graduate school. During our interview with the user, he mentioned that he recently checked his mailbox after 2 months and collected close to 20 mails. Most of them were bills and some of them were promotional material. During the co-design, we came up with the idea that there could be a notification on the phone every time a mail arrived. We also discussed having a notification come up whenever the user was within 100 meters of the mailbox to allow him to collect the mail on his way to the apartment. 

While both these solutions were practical, we wanted to move away from the 'black-glass' that is the mobile phone and rather create an 'experience' that would achieve our objective. 

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