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Iteration and Refinement

We received some really good feedback on the implementation as well as the form. 

Feedback on implementation

Our user suggested that we use milder colors rather than RGB to indicate the status of the mail. Also, the FSR that was to be used for detecting mail, was difficult to calibrate without sufficient weight put on it. This prompted us to use a relay switch first, and only when the switch was on (indicating that a mail had been received) would the FSR be used to show the color on the neopixel. This increased the efficiency of our solution and worked significantly better than our prototype. 

Feedback on design

While testing our prototype with the user, we noticed that he was not used to keeping items in a bowl. Based on further discussions we uncovered that one of the objects the user frequents every day was the coat hanger. The coat hanger was used not just for hanging coats, but also keys and caps. This observation inspired us to use the coat hanger as an object that we can augment with functionality.

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