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What would you do if you took this project forward and why? What would you do differently? What would you need to consider if you took this idea forward and why? 

The next logical step on this project is to experiment with connectivity between the mailbox and the augmented object. We have a couple of options - either use WiFi that encompasses both the house and the mailbox or use LTE in the mailbox to publish a signal to the cloud that would get subscribed by the argon in the augmented object. 

The other aspect that we would like to work on is to reward the user for their actions. Every time a user accomplishes a task by collecting mail, there could be a mechanism to reward the user for their efforts. This creates a better interaction between the user and the augmented object.

We would also like to finalize the form of the object in terms of the material, shape, and weight, to test the product in the field. 


We would like to think about the interaction between the user and the augmented object a little more. We realized through feedback that the interaction at the moment is either while the user is going out or is coming in. In both these cases, there is always something else that is prioritized for the user other than collecting mail. So even if we are able to notify and 'nudge' the user to check the mail, we cannot expect the user to immediately perform the task. This may induce a feeling of guilt in the user which may be counteractive to the objective we want to achieve.

Another aspect brought to light by our professor during the critique session was that the mailboxes are actually Federal property, so it may not be possible to integrate commercial solutions within it. This may require completely rethinking the approach to the problem.

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