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Team reflection

The 2 sets of feedback we received, one from the user and the other during our design critique, helped us shape the project better. It convinced our team that we were moving in the right direction and that we were solving a 'real' problem.

One of the interesting comments made during the critique was that we could use the object and think of other implementations to include reminders when you forget your phone, wallet, keys, and ID before leaving the house. This is definitely worth exploring and it makes for a compelling case to extend this concept. 

Lastly, while learning how concepts about neopixels and FSR sensors, the focus is always on the ability to control these elements. After we created 'Got Mail?' we realized that we had used the same elements, but just given it context, and put it into a form, to solve a real problem. It just goes to show that solutions don't have to be complex, involving multiple elements - all that matters is how you decide to use the elements.

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