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Conceptual Design 

Our system is installed at the bus stop, it comprises of an enchanted bus stop sign and multiple tiles embedded into the floor around the stand.

The sign is wrapped with LED lights to create an ambient effect. In its resting state, it glows white with two dots, one blue and one orange, running through it.

The tiles have footprints on them to indicate that the user must step on it. It ties into the fact that if there is an outline of a foot, it is a human tendency that we want to put our foot on it/stand there. This makes our system very intuitive. Once the user steps on it, the panel will glow either blue or orange to indicate the user's team color. At first, they may not fully understand the meaning of the color but it registers in their mind that they are either orange or blue.

The user then starts to move from foot to foot as a natural behavior. This prompts two changes to take place simultaneously. Firstly, the panel on the tile will start blinking based on the movement. This encourages the user to keep moving to try to discover what is happening. Secondly, the bus stop sign glows white and shows the points for each team in the form of LED lights glowing in the team's color. As the user increases the pace of their footsteps the LED count grows until a team wins. Having the team color on the tile seamlessly allows the user to make the connection between the color on the tile and sign.

When either team wins, the entire bus stop sign displays the winning team's color in a running pattern. 

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