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The needs of fans have been acknowledged and addressed through some attempts.

  • Futurist visions of wearables in stadiums have been articulated and discussed from multiple sources, but a real incident has yet to take place.  Visionaries include a bracelet that pulses in sync with the heartbeat of a dash, or glasses render numbers showing players’ speed and distance as he scores. Or a giant balloon that inflates as 80,000 fans stomp in rhythm. Fan jerseys could blaze colors as algorithms review the play.
  • Activities and cheerleaders during recess.  There are at least 3 intervals in basketball matches, not mention numerous timeouts. Usually, fans get distracted and even bored while waiting for the game to restart. Currently, hosts entertain fans with questions and souvenirs and cheerleaders keep fans interested in the game. 
  • "Smart Stadiums" focusing on the needs of internet access. Not essentially addressing the same problem, but this builds the infrastructure necessary for Cool Ball to take place. Tottenham Hotspurs' new stadium enables its fans to navigate easily through the stadium and access all facilities including bars and retail outlets through high-performance Wifi connectivity and network infrastructure.
  • We would like to borrow fan experience precedents from the entertainment industry (concerts) and also amplified the thrill of live bets by integrating it during the match and providing immediate feedback.

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