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Fans supporting the same team form a tightly-knit community. However, they are scattered and hard to identify during everyday life. This all changes when they gather at the stadium on match day. They then form a physical community that is directly addressable as a whole. 

Fans go to the stadium to support their home-team and the players. They want to be part of the game and be able to make an impact. They also want to celebrate with other fans and create an atmosphere that they all enjoy. 

During games, fans are intensively engaged in the happenings on the court. It is difficult to connect or communicate with their fellow fans through gestures or words. They now perceive excitement, anger and disappointment of fellow friends through their body movement. 

This could be augmented with some light that not only shows to fans how their surrounding fellow friends feel about the game, but also demonstrate support that is perceivable from the court by the players. 

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