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Inspiration and Context

We were drawn to precedent projects that have either similar technical or conceptual goals. This adafruit project looks at how we could monitor temperature in terms of heating and cooling. In our own project, we want to proactively manage varying degrees of warmth to share with the person interacting with the installation. 

In another project, the Cryoscope heats up or cools down a metal slab to reflect the outdoor temperature. Users can touch the metal slab at home and get a sense of what it feels like outside, before getting ready to leave the apartment. Since one of the core functions of our own project is to convey heat and coolness from an external source, we thought the use of a metal surface (specifically copper for us) will be great for conductivity. 

Similar to the Cryscope, the Breakfast studio's piece Points shows that it's possible to share curated, time-relevant data from a range of networks without using touch screens as a crutch. We are inspired to also deliver data from a network to people who are interacting with the installation without a touch screen. 

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