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Conceptual Design 

We want to collect and share as much warmth feedback as possible, so it is important to place the wall in a highly foot-trafficked place. The ideal context is a place like Times Square in New York City, or Grote Markt in Brussels. 

Anyone should feel comfortable approaching the wall, and participating in the installation. Visual cues such as the brick texture used by the wall will also be present on the ground, leading people to approach and engage with the installation. 

The visitor of the installation will place a hand on the copper plate labeled "Send Warmth!" on the wall. While the warmth of the visitor's palm is being record, a series of LED lights light up from above the copper plate, indicating that recording is in-progress. The LED lights will light up in the direction of the second copper plate (receiving end), where the visitor can feel the warmth of another's hand. The warmth will be present for 1 minute. While the copper plate is warmed, a neopixel above will show colors of the flag from which the warmth is from. 

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