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This team is defining the community as CMU undergraduates who live in dorms. This community is rather large and often looking to connect with others while adjusting to their new living spaces or filling the time between classes. There are about 7000 undergraduates at CMU who come from all over the world (1). About 65%, or 4500, of these students live in university housing (2). The first year of living in a dorm is a big adjustment for most people because they are busy, multi-use spaces without much privacy. Common rooms on the first floors of buildings are gathering places were people study, hang out, play video games, watch movies, or wait for others. People often pass through this space looking for something to do between other activities.

CMU is also known for its intense atmosphere and focus on academic success. Students seem to need to be reminded to take breaks and take care of themselves. While on-campus resources provide some reminders to be active, there’s no consistent activity for undergrads to take a quick, active study break in their dorm. This project will begin looking at the conceptualization and prototyping of an internet-connected device that encourages quick, active breaks while encouraging connections between students living in dorms.




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