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The team used a human-centered design process to generate ideas and decide on a concept.  We began by researching the needs of the community and prior work done on this topic.  With the user's needs in mind, we began brainstorming different ways to solve the problem.  We narrowed down the project's focus by eliminating options that we could not execute in the timeframe of the project and with the materials provided by the course.  One challenge the team faced was figuring out how to display scores and player status in a physical, interactive, and robust way.  We went with a combination of leds and an arrow controlled by a servo in order to make the score both eye-catching and easy to understand.  Another challenge was how to ensure a clear connection between the user and their community.  Our approach to this challenge was to intentionally place the devices in semi-public areas where there would be enough people to interact with but not enough to prevent use for fear of embarrassment.  We also chose the location to capitalize on existing connections and rivalries between groups of students.    

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