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Describe how you define community and the kinds of support and perceived needs you identified for that community. Back up your claims with relevant citations and references.

Our eventual goal of the project is to re-distribute food within the community of generation. For example, over-ordered food from a meeting of one department of a company should be resolved within the company (multiple departments and colleagues). In this particular project, we started from the community of Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh (short as CMU) Campus. CMU is an educational institute with nearly 15,000 students and 1,400 faculties. Within the campus, there are academic, career-oriented, leisure, extracurricular, cultural, etc. events/meetings going on every day, and nearly every event provides snacks or meals. Our team members, as CMU students, observed a considerable amount of excess food thrown away or left randomly somewhere after events. Meanwhile, students in CMU are always hungry and fond of food or snacks. Hence, within the CMU community, we foresaw a balance between supply and demand for the over-ordered food. And thus, we decided to start our project in the community.

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