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Next Steps

Since our ultimate goal is to implement the project within all the communities, including companies, campuses, etc., we will learn from the small scale prototype within the CMU community.

During the current stage of prototyping, demonstrating, and feedbacks, we concluded the followings as our next steps:

1. Technically, the inputs we got from the load cell are quite noisy. During the demonstrating process, we had trouble to keep the output of the load cell, the food meter, stable, leading to several confusions. 

2. When we are expanding the scale of food re-distribution into the whole community, we need to take into consideration of the food safety problem. To ensure the hygiene and safety of re-distributed food, we might need to corporate with the cleansing staff of the community to guarantee the freshness of food and install monitor cameras along with the system to avoid food toxins. 

3. Improve the fidelity of our project to make it more engaging and eye-catching. 

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