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People who join this work out competition will have one IoT smart device. They can place it everywhere, such as, lockers in the gym and home. There are 4 people in each team and they will compete with another team with similar demographics. Every time when they work out, they will press the button and our system will record the pressing history. For example, if there are 3 people in Team 1 worked out today and in Team 2 there is only 1 person who worked out. Then the Team 1 statue will show green light and Team 2 statue will show red light, because Team 1 wins and Team 2 loses. However, there is only 1 person in Team 1 who work out and press the button on the next day and all people in the Team 2 work out and press the button on that day. Then, the statue of Team 1 will show red and the statue of Team 2 will show green. 

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