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Conceptual Design

After ideation, we created a physical bar graph that shows the paper usage at the Starbucks store every day for the past 7 business days. The graph showing the usage stat for the day will be dynamic and each customer buying coffee with a paper cup will increase the height of the paper cup. There is a maximum level set by the store to

We created a two-part solution -

1. A socially visible structure represented by a bar graph that shows the consumption of paper cups on a daily basis for the week. The last bar in the graph is mechanically controlled by a stepper motor that shows real-time data for ‘today’. We also have a maximum level, that Starbucks can define, to challenge the community to stay under in order to receive a reward.

2. A personal motivator in a cup sleeve, that could potentially be sold at Starbucks as well, that can go around any of cup. The sleeve is capable of reminding you to take the cup in the morning and wash it in the night. Also, the sleeve has an RFID tag that can be tapped against the reader at the store to order drinks. When the community achieves the goal set by the store, the sleeve will indicate the reward and also deliver a push notification with further information.

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