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int ledPin1 = D0; //attach led 
int ledPin2=D1;   //attach led 2
int ledPin3 = D2; // led 3
int ledPin4 = D3; // led 4

int buttonPin = D4; //button 1 
int buttonpins=D5;  // button 2
int counter=0;    //store value how many time button1 is pressed
int counters=0;   //store value how many time button2 is pressed

void setup()
  pinMode( buttonPin , INPUT_PULLUP);  // button1 as input
  pinMode( buttonpins , INPUT_PULLUP); //button2 as input
  pinMode( ledPin1 , OUTPUT );     //led1 as output 
  pinMode(ledPin2,OUTPUT);   // led2 as output
  pinMode(ledPin3,OUTPUT); //  led3 as output
  pinMode(ledPin4,OUTPUT); // led4 as output
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