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Some technical challenges we've encountered and overcame:

- To design and make the LED strip to display the game-play information in an effective and stable manner

- To communicate the game-play information between the tiles and the ambient bus stop display via Particle cloud instantly and stably

- To build durable tiles for testing and demo purposes

- To organize the wire "jungles" in an elegant manner and hide the complexity from the users

List of parts used to build the final prototype:

- Particle Argon x 2

- Breadboard x 2

- Adafruit NeoPixel Digital RGB LED Strip - Black 30 LED (1m) x 1

- NeoPixel Digital RGB LED (circular-shaped) x 4

- Jump wires

- Aluminium foil

- Craft wood boards (1/8 inch thick)

- Foams (0.8cm thick)

- Foam core boards

- Double-sided tape

- Duct tape

- Medical tape (for the front panel of the ambient bus stop sign display)

- Acrylic sheets (clear)

- Power banks

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