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Pittsburgh is ranked the top 10 best cities to retire every year. The city does not look like offering a lot seemingly, but if you take a deeper look reveals a city that has more than enough to offer retirees. The city is culturally rich, with many public works donated by 19th-century industrialists. It also happens to be a foodie destination, with a vast range of restaurants, from greasy spoon to white tablecloth. Pittsburgh is located within a tax-friendly state, and the cost of living comes in at around the national average. And if that wasn't enough, the city was ranked by as one of the 50 best golf cities in the nation. Pittsburgh is divided up into a variety of unique neighborhoods, ranging from the young hipster crowd to established retirees. Highland Park, for example, is popular with younger couples, who enjoy friendly neighbors, and a 380-acre park which is close by. The Strip District is popular with middle-aged individuals, as the area has seen a resurgence in unique restaurants and markets. For retirees, the Squirrel Hill North section of the city boasts a stellar dining and shopping scene on Forbes and Murray avenues, and quaint entertainment venues such as the Manor Theatre. 

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