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Inspiration and Context

The first precedent is “Uber” giving back. I have long envisioned a transportation service offer free or a very minimal charge or similar to the bus service by volunteers or Uber and Lyft drivers. Uber or Lyft driver offer service for affordable prices with subsidized by regular customers or volunteer drivers provide the service for free to retirees. The service is app-based just like the current ride services. I can design the ecosystem with the current assets instead of building the entire ecosystem from scratch. I have learned from working with volunteers for many years, that people are extremely generous and especially like to give their time on their own terms, for a limited amount of time, when it is convenient for them – and most of all when it is made easy for them.

The second precedent is Match Box Car Race Track. This project checked the speed of the drive. This student IoT project to simulate a drag-strip type track that records times and uploads them to show who the winner was and what their race time was. Instead of tracking the speed, I would collect the number of volunteers who supported “Passion Wheels” and wanted to use the data to display for public awareness.  

The third precedent is a medical panic button for senior citizens. Medical alert help buttons can be used in conjunction with or in place of traditional medical alarm personal devices. Use for inside and outside the house. As technology is another obstacle for senior citizens, I wanted to make a simplified call button that would connect to the call center to arrange transportation for senior citizens. 

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