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The project started with integrating sunlight and grow lights, for which I chose to use the Photo Sensor. But very soon I realized that the sensors would be ineffective stand alone as there will be light inside the house(there will be a difference in the reading, but relying just on that was risky). So I added the Temperature sensor in tandem with the Photo Sensor to get close to accurate readings.

But the solution seemed incomplete as it did not solve the problem of maintaining plant health when people were on Vacations. This led to the idea of adding water to the plants when the moisture in soil was less than a prescribed limit.

But something felt missing as the plant was doing things on its own and not interacting with the home owner. So I started working on the idea on informing plant health to the user, using flex sensor. The plant health monitor has the flex sensor on the stem of the plant, so that if the plant drools down, the moisture in soil is checked and light is checked. If one or both are less then they are taken care off, else the Pod sends a message to the owner and also starts sending voice signals.  

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