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Priority matrix

Here's a list of features designed for the SweetBot

  • Menu display: show user what dishes are available.
  • Prepare for order: recognize customers' order instructions and parse them into organized list.
  • Order confirmation: asking customers for confirmation before settle down the order.
  • Make order: update data in database to reflect the effect in order. For example, the available quantity of ordered items should be updated.
  • Update menu: accept employees' input to change menu (add/delete/change items)
  • Update quantity accept employees' input to update supply for each item.
  • Employee confirmation: ask for confirmation before making real update.
  • Multiple role support: distinguish between employees and customers.
  • Show availability for employees: allow employees to check how many are sold or left for each dishes.
  • Database support: use database to store user and dishes data.
  • The priority matrix is plotted below.

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