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Currently, the conversation ends with Puka providing the user with three Yelp businesses, but I think a more useful call to action would be to either allow the user to access the Yelp page on the app, or prompt to call the business of their choosing. I would also like to build out an 'other' category, in the case that the user's problem does not fall under one of the six predefined categories. This flow could help the user diagnose the problem to arrive at a term that can be searched within Yelp. 

If I Had More Time...

I would like to be able to make Puka more than just a bot that can be of use when called upon for a variety of use cases using Yelp's API. Puka could be messaged if a user would like to find nearby businesses for other services such as personal aesthetics, food establishments, auto repairs, and others. 

I would have also liked to spend more time on the conversation between Puka and the user. Right now, I utilize emojis to make the interaction more delightful, but I think use of other media such as giphys could also serve a more dynamic purpose, and might make the overall experience more engaging. 

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