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Try it yourself! 

To try my chatbot yourself, you'll need to download/open WhatsApp. Next send the following message "join stand-valley" on this number +1 415 523 8886. You'll have to wait a minute or so but soon you'll receive a conformation message from my Chatbot and then you can interact with it yourself. 

If you don't receive a message it's probably because I've closed the chatbot. In such a case please send me an email at unaveed at andrew dot edu dot cmu and I'll restart the chat bot. 

Please note that though the bot will share a link to my location, you might not be able to see my actual location. This is because we can't share our location with the general public on Google Maps, instead we need to specify who can see our location by using their email addresses. Since I made this chatbot for my wife right now location sharing is only available through her email address. i.e she needs to be signed into her gmail account in order for the location link to work. 

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