AdDemic: The future of advertising
Melissa Powel - https://youtu.be/FIbEO22YtWw
Critical Object: 

Alexa connects to your smart home but now comes with the added feature of not only letting you know when you are low on supplies, but also gives you advertisements for the products. Alexa will speak to you regarding the advertisements and give you reminders to pick up your supplies. Alexa will also monitor your mood and suggest products or services you might need throughout the day or week.


Nick gets gifted the present of Alexa and connects her to his smart home. Alexa helps Nick by reminding him when he is low on supplies and talks to him when he is having a rough day. Alexa keeps reading off advertisements to Nick throughout the day to the point where he can't even leave his house without listening to what she has to say. As time goes on, Alexa becomes so involved with Nick's life she starts to micromanage it. Could Alexa be going to far?


How might we design products that still retain an aspect of privacy as technology enhances?

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