Enchanted Forest

Made by Pengyuan Huang and boril1

Found in IoT Ecosystems

The enchanted forest is a IoT ecosystem with interactive LED lightnings designed to activate the forest area in the Tunxis golf club as a new event venue.



Wedding and events venues are a key source of revenue for a variety of destinations-from hotels to golf courses. As a result, a significant emphasis is put on both positioning these destinations as potential wedding/event location and driving repeat business through the delivery of memorable experiences. Due to fickle and ever changing consumer preference, a continuous, customer-centric approach is required to deliver the best experience. Technology, and more specifically, the IoT presents unique opportunities to deliver this experience when implemented in a tasteful and integrated manner.  



The objective of this project is to enhance the memorable wedding and other event experience offered by Tunixs Country Club (Connecticut) via introducing the IoT connectivity. There is a forest area locates right beside the wedding pavilion which is currently under utilized. Hence, we hope to activate the forest space, especially at night, as the extension of the current event venue and ultimately as the alternative event center.