Build a enchanted child monitor in the form of a teddy bear for the child to sleep with


Our user & Problem Statement

Our stakeholder is Niven Mangrey, a 32 year old man, living in Johannesburg South Africa. He is recently married and has a newborn son, Shivan. Being a new parent, Niven is very focussed on his son and very anxious to ensure that he is kept safe and has everything that is needed. He has bought a new baby monitor which monitors noises, feeds video and senses movement. Niven checks this obsessively even when guests are visiting. 

Niven needs a way of alleviating this anxiety and feeling more secure about the well-being of his son. We have chosen to focus on an enchanted baby monitor which would help him to do this while being less conspicuous than checking a monitor continually or similarly, checking his phone - especially in company!

Below are photographs of Niven and his son in their home: