Smart Pillow

Made by Menghan Zhang

Found in DioT 2019: Augmented Objects

A smart pillow that can record your sleep time and wake you up at the right time.



The target audience of this IoT appliance is my husband. As we talked about the problems he had when staying at home, he mentioned he had three pain points for sleep:

  • It’s hard to get up in the morning (especially in winter like this…).
  • He wants to know if he has slept for enough/too long/too short time.
  • Alarms on the phone can’t wake him up. Sometimes he just snoozes or turns off the alarms unconsciously, and then get up late.


A smart pillow that can record how much time you have slept and wake you up at the time you set.



Step1: Define basic logic

Step2: Get familiar with the FSR sensor

Step3: Record sleep start and end status

Detect sleep start and end status, and publish the events to the Particle Cloud.