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Conceptual Design

The idea behind this project is to enhance an intimate relationship between two people when they are not currently in the same location. It will keep them updated on each other's emotional state throughout the day, so that they feel more involved in their everyday activities and can take action if the other person is going through a rough period. This concept was developed based on some initial research that stated an integral part of a long distance relationship is still being apart of the other person's everyday life and activities. 

The Emotional Update is  two paired cubes with different emotions on each side of the cube. The cube can be easily carried throughout the day and fits easily into a person's hand. Whenever one person experiences an emotion, they will push a button on the face of the cube that best displays their current emotional state and the other person's cube will light up the side of their cube that matches the emotion of the first person. They can update their emotions throughout the day and feel more involved in each other's day or have something to talk about at the end of the day.

For this initial stage of the prototype, there are only two emotions that can be displayed: happy or angry. This was just to get the initial concept working. There are only two push buttons and two LEDs on each cube. When one person pushes the happy push button on their cube, the other person's happy face will light up with a yellow light. Or when the angry button is pushed, a red light will display on the other person's cube. 

Eventually, there would be six different emotions for every face of the cube with different push buttons and LED colors for each. 

This can be used for a couple in a long distance relationship or between family members that are not living in the same place anymore. 

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