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Conceptual Design:

The team started with brainstorming and came up with the initial idea, which is to build an interactive device for lovers or friends who have a quarrel and neither side  want to apologies first. This device helps build a new way to say sorry via two fantastic buttons. Each person has a button in their rooms. When a person A want to apologize/talk with another person B, A just needs to press the button and wait until B presses another button. (During the waiting period, there no any signal will happen to B.) After both A and B press their buttons, both of their buttons light up which is a surprise that they both want to talk to each other.

This device is used not only for people who have a quarrel with each other but also for people want to talk to each other under any other situations.

Below is the bill of materials for building our device: 

Particle Photons *2 Neopixels *2 Switch *2 Cups *2 Wires

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