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My little one took his first steps recently. He is on the move and into everything. Being first time parents my wife and I are still learning how to “baby-proof” our home. And although we change a lot of things, there are still certain areas, like where the TV plugs to the wall, that can be a little precarious. I plan to create a baby sensor to be placed in one of these troublesome spots that will notify my wife when she is just out of range to catch him herself.

The Product is a PIR sensor that is positioned to sense when a baby is near something dangerous.  The sensor turns on an LED when motion is sensed and then publishes an event.  While the event is being published a second LED blinks to indicate publishing.  This event turns on an LED on another particle that is located near the babies parent to notify them there is a dangerous situation brewing.  The mother can than make a decision to push a button to turn on an alarm (piezo buzzer that is located on the sensor photon) that is intended to surprise and freeze the baby while the parent has time to reach the child and remove them from danger.  This button press triggers another event that causes the buzzer to chirp at the baby.  I hope you enjoy the product, please see it demonstrated in the video below.

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