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The process of making this was very fun!  Almost too fun.  I really feel like the more I make and hackup, the more curious and excited I become.  What starts as a simple idea just seems to grow in complexity as I want to push the boundaries of what the technology is capable of.  For example, when first conceptualized I only planned on using one photon... but after start to build I quickly got online and ordered another.

Some challenges that I encountered were: 1) sensitivity of the sensor, 2) being annoyed by the buzzer, and 3) using events to communicate between two photons.  It took me a while to get the PIR sensor to the right sensitivity by turning the knobs of the sensor.  The buzzer really needs to stay unplugged until the project is ready.  And I spent a lot of time making sure that the photons were not publishing too often in my code.  I got a few red blinks, but now I have learned to code my way around that and be aware of what is being published.

All in all, this was a wonderful experience.  

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