Creative Juice Bot

Made by chenn

Found in Final Project - Weird Conversations

The Creative Juice Bot helps designers get inspired when they experience creative blocks by giving them creativity exercise or tips from other fellow designers.



Sometimes when designers experience creativity block, thinking outside of the box may help them get creative juice flowing again. That is why I wanted to create a bot that can inspire designers by giving them creativity exercises or sharing with them inspirational quotes from other fellow designers. 



I pulled inspiration from a Google action called Creative Coach. It can give users an exercise in photography, drawing, writing or design to support users when they want to get creative. I found this to be simple yet effective. It solves one problem but solves it quite well. 

At the same time, I looked into books and online resources that talk about overcoming creativity block. "Conceptual blockbusting" is a book I referred to heavily for my project. One of the chapters introduces "perceptual blocks" and how they "prevent the problem-solver from clearly perceiving either the problem itself or the information needed to solve the problem." I used some exercises from the book for my bot. 

I also pulled inspiration from an article on UX Planet. The article collects answers from 20 designers for the question: how to get over being creatively blocked.



I started by making a function matrix, a conversation flow and a paragraph of my bot's personality to help me visualize what my bot will be doing. 

Function matrix

Conversation flow

Drawing out a conversation flow allowed me to examine the logic and check if there was any feature missing from the scope. It was also a great reference for me throughout the time when I was writing the code.