• Hey I am Sorry

An interactive device to help you apologize to your loved one after a quarrel.


Conceptual Design:

The team started with brainstorming and came up with the initial idea, which is to build an interactive device for lovers or friends who have a quarrel and neither side  want to apologies first. This device helps build a new way to say sorry via two fantastic buttons. Each person has a button in their rooms. When a person A want to apologize/talk with another person B, A just needs to press the button and wait until B presses another button. (During the waiting period, there no any signal will happen to B.) After both A and B press their buttons, both of their buttons light up which is a surprise that they both want to talk to each other.

This device is used not only for people who have a quarrel with each other but also for people want to talk to each other under any other situations.

Below is the bill of materials for building our device: 

Particle Photons *2 Neopixels *2 Switch *2 Cups *2 Wires



Brainstorm - initial idea

Working on the code and testing with LED

Physical prototyping using cups and switches

Combine the particle with the prototype


During the process, we met some challenges such as setting time for lighting the LED, choosing color for Neopixel, and choosing the best materials for the prototype. This assignment is about building the identical devices, which is more challenging than before. However, it is also a surprise for us when we witness our devices are becoming interactive. 


Storyboard: Create a storyboard showing the proposed interaction and workflow with the device.